Team / dr hab. Mikołaj Czajkowski, prof. UW

dr hab. Mikołaj Czajkowski, prof. UW

Associate professor in the Division of Microeconomics in the Department of Economic Sciences at the University of Warsaw

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phone (+48) 22 55 49 174

Briefly about himself:

"I like to know something about everything, so my interests are broad. They include science-fiction literature with flair and music with soul. I am also a bee-keeper – my apiary already has 12 bee-hives."

Career history:

He is a graduate from the Department of Economic Sciences (WNE) at Warsaw University (2003). He received a PhD degree in economic sciences in 2008 and 'habilitacja' degree in 2013. He was a post-doc at the University of Glasgow and the University of Stirling (2010) and at the University of California, San Diego (2011-2012).

He started working in the Division of Microeconomics of the Department of Economic Sciences (WNE) at the University of Warsaw in 2003. He has been the chair of the Division of Microeconomics since 2012. He is employed in the position of an associate professor in WNE at the University of Warsaw and conducts research in the Warsaw Ecological Economics Center (WOEE).

His scientific interests include modelling consumers' preferences and non-market valuation methods.

Scholarships and awards:

  • Scholarship of the Minister of Science and Higher Education, 2011-2014
  • Post-doc scholarship of the Foundation for Polish Science (FNP) – the KOLUMB program, University of California, San Diego, 2011/2012
  • An award of Warsaw University Rector for Academic Teachers for scientific achievements, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
  • Oded Stark's Award for Excellence in Publishing, 2010
  • Erasmus LLP scholarship – University of Stirling, 2010
  • An award in the “Modern University” scholarship contest for the best young PhDs at Warsaw University, 2009
  • Dekaban-Liddle Fellowship – University of Glasgow and University of Stirling, 2008
  • A scholarship of the Foundation for Polish Science (FNP) for young researchers – the START program, 2007, 2008
  • An award for the best MA thesis entitled “De gustibus est disputandum” in the Adam Semkow competition, the Department of Economic Sciences (WNE) at the University of Warsaw, 2003

Selected publications:

      • Czajkowski, M., Hanley, N., and LaRiviere, J., forthcoming. Controlling for the effects of information in a public goods discrete choice model. Environmental and Resource Economics.
      • Fischer, A., Weldesemaet, Y., Czajkowski, M., Tadie, D., and Hanley, N., forthcoming. Trophy hunting for wildlife conservation? On sport hunters’ willingness to pay for conservation and community benefits. Conservation Biology.
      • Czajkowski, M., Hanley, N., and LaRiviere, J., 2014. The Effects of Experience on Preferences: Theory and Empirics for Environmental Public Goods. American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 97(1):333-351.
      • LaRiviere, J., Czajkowski, M., Hanley, N., Aanesen, M., Falk-Petersen, J., and Tinch, D., 2014. The value of familiarity: Effects of knowledge and objective signals on willingness to pay for a public good. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 68(2):376–389.
      • Carson, R. T., and Czajkowski, M., 2014. The Discrete Choice Experiment Approach to Environmental Contingent Valuation. In: Handbook of choice modelling, S. Hess and A. Daly, eds., Edward Elgar, Northampton, MA.
      • Czajkowski, M., Giergiczny, M., and Greene, W. H., 2014. Learning and fatigue effects revisited. Investigating the effects of accounting for unobservable preference and scale heterogeneity. Land Economics, 90(2):323-350.
      • Czajkowski, M., Bartczak, A., Giergiczny, M., Navrud, S., and Żylicz, T., 2014. Providing Preference-Based Support for Forest Ecosystem Service Management. Forest Policy and Economics, 39:1-12.
      • Czajkowski, M., Kądziela, T., and Hanley, N., 2014. We want to sort! – assessing households’ preferences for sorting waste. Resource and Energy Economics, 36(1):290-306.
      • Czajkowski, M., Giergiczny, M., Kronenberg, J., and Tryjanowski, P., 2014. The economic recreational value of a white stork nesting colony: A case of ‘stork village’ in Poland. Tourism Management, 40:352–360.
      • Hasler, B., Smart, J. C. R., Fonnesbech-Wulff, A., Andersen, H. E., Thodsen, H., Mathiesen, G. B., Smedberg, E., Göke, C., Czajkowski, M., Was, A., Elofsson, K., Humborg, C., Wolfsberg, A., and Wulff, F., 2014. Hydro-economic modelling of cost-effective transboundary water quality management in the Baltic Sea. Water Resources and Economics, 5:1-23.
      • Ahtiainen, H., Artell, J., Czajkowski, M., Hasler, B., Hasselström, L., Huhtala, A., Meyerhoff, J., Smart, J. C. R., Söderqvist, T., Alemu, M. H., Angeli, D., Dahlbo, K., Fleming-Lehtinen, V., Hyytiäinen, K., Karlõševa, A., Khaleeva, Y., Maar, M., Martinsen, L., Nõmmann, T., Pakalniete, K., Oskolokaite, I., and Semeniene, D., 2014. Benefits of meeting nutrient reduction targets for the Baltic Sea – a contingent valuation study in the nine coastal states. Journal of Environmental Economics and Policy:1-28.
      • Wulff, F., Humborg, C., Andersen, H. E., Blicher-Mathiesen, G., Czajkowski, M., Elofsson, K., Fonnesbech-Wulff, A., Hasler, B., Hong, B., Jansons, V., Mörth, C.-M., Smart, J. C. R., Smedberg, E., Stålnacke, P., Swaney, D. P., Thodsen, H., Was, A., and Żylicz, T., 2014. Reduction of Baltic Sea Nutrient Inputs and Allocation of Abatement Costs Within the Baltic Sea Catchment. AMBIO: A Journal of the Human Environment, 43(1):11-25.
      • Ahtiainen, H., Artell, J., Czajkowski, M., Hasler, B., Hasselström, L., Hyytiäinen, K., Meyerhoff, J., Smart, J., Söderqvist, T., Zimmer, K., Khaleeva, J., Rastrigina, O., and Tuhkanen, H., 2013. Public preferences regarding use and condition of the Baltic Sea – an international comparison informing marine policy. Marine Policy, 42:20-30.
      • Moro, M., Fischer, A., Czajkowski, M., D. Brennan, Lowassa, A., Naiman, L., and Hanley, N., 2013. An investigation using the choice experiment method into options for reducing illegal bushmeat hunting in western Serengeti. Conservation Letters, 6(1):37-45.
      • Giergiczny, M., Valasiuk, S., Czajkowski, M., De Salvo, M., and Signorello, G., 2012. Including cost income ratio into utility function as a way of dealing with ‘exploding’ implicit prices in mixed logit models. Journal of Forest Economics, 18(4):370-380.
      • Hunter, P. D., Hanley, N., Czajkowski, M., Mearns, K., Tyler, A. N., Carvalho, L., and Codd, G. A., 2012. The effect of risk perception on public preferences and willingness to pay for reductions in the health risks posed by toxic cyanobacterial blooms. Science of the Total Environment, 426(1):32-44.
      • Berbeka, K., Czajkowski, M., and Markowska, A., 2012. Municipal Wastewater Treatment in Poland as a Means of Reducing Nutrient Loadings – Efficiency, Costs and Returns to Scale. Water Science and Technology, 66(2):394-401.
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      • Czajkowski, M., and Ščasný, M., 2010. Study on benefit transfer in an international setting. How to improve welfare estimates in the case of the countries' income heterogeneity? Ecological Economics, 69(12):2409-2416.
      • Czajkowski, M., and Sobolewski, M., 2011. Measuring Network Effects in Mobile Telecommunications Markets with Stated-Preference Valuation Methods. International Journal of Management and Network Effects, 2(2):197-215.
      • Czajkowski, M., and Hanley, N., 2009. Using Labels to Investigate Scope Effects in Stated Preference Methods. Environmental and Resource Economics, 44(4):521–535.
      • Czajkowski, M., Buszko-Briggs, M., and Hanley, N., 2009. Valuing Changes in Forest Biodiversity. Ecological Economics, 68(12):2910–2917.
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      Available lectures:

        • Microeconomics
        • Advanced Microeconomics
        • Microeconometrics
        • Industrial Organization
        • Modeling Preferences and Non-market Valuation
        • Economic Foundations of Environmental Protection
        • Poker Texas Hold’em – Applications of Strategy and Analysis of Competitive Environment