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POLFOREX 2008-2011

The aim of the POLFOREX project, conducted as a grant from the EEA and Norwegian Mechanism in cooperation with Polish and Norwegian partners, is to support the management of forests in Poland through identifying the preferences of people as far as the forests are concerned. The valuation studies we conduct make it possible to identify which characteristics of forests, such as age, species composition, availability of infrastructure, etc., are the most desired by the forests’ users and at the same time – what impact they have at the recreational value of the average Polish forest. This will make it possible to manage the existing forests more efficiently, so that they provide the greatest possible benefits to their various users.

One of our tasks within this project is to conduct a Polish nationwide survey with the use of the contingent choice method, in the case of which the respondents are confronted with a hypothetical situation of choice (e.g. the choice of a leisure place). The analysis of the data collected in this way will make it possible to model the preferences of users and to shape the forest policy to maximize the usability of forests.

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