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Training courses

The employees of the Warsaw Ecological Economics Center (WOEE) actively engage in numerous actions aimed at popularizing the knowledge on environment protection and its practical application. Our aim is to popularize the use of economic instruments for the rational utilization of natural resources in order to maximize social welfare. They are used both for investment projects and the issues related to the state regulations concerning the use of the environment.

The subjects of the training courses we conduct include:

  • Economic instruments in environmental protection;
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis;
  • Economic effectiveness;
  • Non-market (environmental) goods valuation;
  • Environmental compensation;
  • And many more…

Due to the engagement of our team in scientific research and the practical application of the research results, the training courses offered by WOEE provide a high level of knowledge. The educational activities conducted by our team at Warsaw University guarantee excellent didactic preparation of our training courses. Among the entities that have already taken advantage of our training offer are public administration institutions, NGOs and private companies.