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Expert’s reports and consulting

The Warsaw Ecological Economics Center (WOEE) actively cooperates with Polish and foreign public administration institutions, NGOs and the private sector, supporting their decision-making processes by making expert’s reports and giving opinions and recommendations concerning the issues of environmental economics. Our clients include: the Ministry of the Environment, the Ministry of Economy, the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management (NFOŚiGW), national parks, the WWF and many more.

We specialize in economic issues concerning the natural environment and resources as well as the impact they have on social welfare. The scope of our work has so far included:

  • The analysis of social costs and benefits of investment projects in the sectors of energy, water supply and sewerage, transport, waste and others;
  • The analysis of cost-effectiveness and economic and financial efficiency of ventures having an impact on the environment;
  • Designing and evaluating the efficiency of economic instruments having an impact on the environment;
  • Valuation of environmental impact of the pollution of air, water and other environmental goods.

The rich experience of our team gained from own research and international cooperation in research projects ensures the highest level of our expert’s reports and consulting services, whereas the fact that WOEE is part of the structure of Warsaw University ensures professional management, financial service and resources making it possible to carry out event the most ambitious orders.