About WOEE / Welcome to WOEE

Welcome to WOEE

The Warsaw Ecological Economics Center (WOEE) is a research center founded in 1993, functioning within the Department of Economic Sciences (WNE) of the University of Warsaw.

The main goal of WOEE is to perfect and popularize economic methods and instruments to solve problems related to environmental protection. We specialize in issues concerning the natural environment and natural resources as well as the evaluation of the impact they have on social welfare.

We pursue our goal by:

  • conducting scientific research concerning the efficiency and efficacy of undertaking actions for environmental protection and rational utilization of natural resources;
  • participating actively in actions aimed at implementation and practical use of the results of our scientific research and expert’s reports in the field of environmental economics;
  • presenting ways to solve conflicts between various interest groups in the context of utilizing environmental goods that would meet the conditions of economic efficiency and social justice;
  • popularizing the use of economic instruments in the context of rational utilization of natural resources in order to maximize social welfare – the organization of courses and training sessions, and the engagement in the public debate;
  • educational activities aimed mostly at the students of the University of Warsaw, aimed at the transfer of the most up-to-date knowledge about environmental economics and information on its practical applicability.

You are invited to find out more about our activities, research and offer.